Secret Woods


Ma, Sculpture, 2025

Project Overview

The bacteria could influence the ecosystem. I was thinking that making small ager woods to represent the natural environment. The leaves and abstract pattern depict tracks of bacteria contamination. I use leaves as a stamp to print the leaves pattern on the branches ager. In addition, due to the E.coil bacteria’s specificity, the patterns only can see under purple lights and using the light help to emphasize the bacteria’s invisible hazards to the environment.


In this project, I want to explore what materials that form our daily life can be combined with ager and E.coil bacteria. Thus, I started looking and finding different materials to find out which objects will work in combination. I use a sponge and a stone to test if the ager will stay on the surface to display the E.coil bacteria. Then I decide to use branches to combine with the ager to use as a base. After I test the ager base successfully, I use different tools to see which one is the best to show the pattern and reduce the liquid of bacteria’s flow. I find out that I need to use some tools that are flat enough and do not hold too much liquid. Thus, I choose to use leaves as my tool to stamp the pattern on the top of the branches.

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