Knit a Sweater- Bacterial Prints

Madi Diaz – Senior Fiber Major

Knit a Sweater


First draft of e-coli drawing, and sketch of proposed laser cut kapton stencil

Laser cut form (in total 1 paper, 3 kapton). I decided

to generalize an intertwined structure to emphasize interconnectivity

and partnership of fiber rather than focus on a specific


Drawing and fogging with e-coli

-Bacteria on plates 1 & 2 were applied by flicking the bacteria onto the plate and stencil using a brush and small metal stick.

Plate 3 was applied with a fogger machine, fogged for 2 minutes and 16 seconds, though it could have used more time.

I decided not to use the additional antibiotics to enhance the blue color of the e.coli, opting for more of a halo blue effect.

Petri Dish Holder (aka the sweater)

Crocheted with 3/2 wool yarn into 3 panels (18 stitches 17 rows) then washed and agitated to shrink and felt top layer.

Petri dish fits snug inside.

Final Piece: