It Feels Right To Me – Mycelium

Madi Diaz, Senior Fiber Major

Mycelium Project

Project Overview

Using reishi mushroom inoculated with wood pellets, I pressed the mixture into molds made of clear plastic to monitor its growth.


I used rhino to make the words, later laser cut out on 1/2″ pine, using the same settings from the previous project.

I attached the words to scrap wood and drilled holes to allow the air to escape in the vacuum sealer.

Filling the Mold

To prep the molds to be filled i washed them with warm water and soap, then sprayed them down with alcohol and placed them in the UV sterilizer for two cycles (8 mins).

I then broke up my bag of reishi to ensure it is well mixed, then working in a sterile environment and gloves I carefully packed the molds, making sure to close the bag after each scoop to keep from contamination.

I then used cut up grow bags to cover the molds in a sterile environment, and let it grow for 7 days before taking them out and allowing the mycelium to continue growing around the entire mold.

I decided to let the mycelium continue to grow over winter break (approximately 32 more days) in hope that it will fruit, however if contamination occurs the project will need to be tossed.