Fall 2019 Class: Intro to Biofabrication

In the thousands of years since humans left the stone age, we have developed an astounding collection of skills and technologies for fabrication. Nature, however, has employed billions of years of R&D to develop far more sophisticated means of making things. Biofabrication is the combination of these technologies. Learn more about this class.

Fall 2019 Class: Co-Lab

Co-Lab is an experimental class bringing students and faculty together around a common research project. The research team is developing biocement as a substrate for oyster habitat restoration. Learn more about this class.

Class Schedule

Each week we are building skills, apply new technique, and discussing challenging concepts. See what is happening in class and get resources to prepare for the next meeting.

Student Projects

Students throughout the curriculum have created amazing projects in range of media that explore salient issues of our time.

Biofabrication Curriculum

There are a series of courses taught at MICA in the field of biofabrication.